Atacama desert map - Tierra Atacama location
Tierra Atacama

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Atacama Desert Map and Tierra Atacama Location

The Atacama Desert Map hung on the wall of the Tierra Atacama Hotel is quite unique and was designed especially for us. It will help you understand the huge array of attractions, activities and Atacama Desert Tours available to you whilst staying at our San Pedro de Atacama hotel.


Where is the Atacama Desert on a map?  

The Atacama Desert is located in the North of Chile about 1,600 kilometers north of Santiago de Chile and just over 2,500 kilometers south of the Equator, in the Southern Hemisphere. What makes it so dry is its location between the two mountain ranges of the Andes and the Chilean coastal range. Atacama Desert Temperatures and weather vary according to the season, the time of day and the altitude you are at.


How to get to the Atacama Desert and Tierra Atacama?  

Tierra Atacama Adventure and Spa Hotel is situated on the edge of San Pedro de Atacama, a small village in the Atacama Desert, northern Chile. It’s a 15-minute walk from the hotel to town, or a few minutes by car; you can also cycle to the town using our bicycles.

Reaching the Atacama Desert is easy thanks to the many daily flights from the capital, Santiago, to Calama in northern Chile, which is an hour’s drive from San Pedro de Atacama. LATAM and Sky Airlines operate flights between Santiago and Calama, usually taking around 2 hours. Road transfers from Calama Airport to our luxury Atacama hotel take roughly 1 hour 15 minutes, and are included in our all-inclusive packages. Simply advise us of your flight details and we’ll be there to pick you up upon your arrival at Calama Airport, ready to start your Atacama Desert adventure!

Other options include flights to Calama from La Paz in Bolivia, or via Iquique or Antofagasta in Chile. If you’re traveling overland from Bolivia and Argentina, there are also connections by road, be sure to ask if you need advice on this.

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Atacama Desert Map and Tierra Atacama Location
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Atacama Desert Map and Tierra Atacama Location
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Atacama Desert Map and Tierra Atacama Location


Tierra Atacama