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Atacama Desert Weather, Temperatures & Packing List

San Pedro de Atacama weather is extremely dry with moderate to cool temperatures. The summer brings an increase in humidity, with rainfall not completely unusual at this time of year. If you visit over the winter months of June – September, you might see snow at higher altitudes. The average annual rainfall in what is often considered “the driest desert in the world” is only 1MM .

What Should I Pack for the Desert Weather?

What are Temperatures like in the Atacama Desert?

Temperatures vary depending on the season, altitude and time of day, with highs of 32⁰C/89⁰F at the height of summer, to -2⁰C/28⁰F on a winter’s night.

Given the range of temperatures and landscapes here in the Atacama Desert, we recommend dressing in layers, with a warm jacket or fleece to hand for the cooler moments during the day. Take a look at our suggested packing list to help you prepare for your trip and face the weather of San Pedro de Atacama:

There isn’t a dress code at the hotel, though a smart/casual approach for dinner would not be out of place

Where should I stay in the Atacama Desert?

If you are looking for a luxury San Pedro de Atacama hotel, Tierra Atacama is the place for you. This award-winning Atacama resort hotel on the outskirts of San Pedro de Atacama has rooms boasting amazing views of the Licancabur volcano and surrounding desert landscapes. All-inclusive packages offer daily guided Atacama tours and activities, three meals a day, use of spa and outdoor pool as well as transfers to and from Calama, the nearest airport. We look forward to welcoming you to Tierra Atacama. You can make a reservation online, or if you have questions, please Contact Us

IMPORTANT: From May 16, 2020 Australian Passport holders need a visa to enter Chile. This must be obtained online here

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Atacama Desert Weather, Temperatures & Packing List
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Atacama Desert Weather, Temperatures & Packing List
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Atacama Desert Weather, Temperatures & Packing List


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