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Atacama Desert Stargazing

The Atacama Desert is known to be one of the best places on earth for stargazing. So, armed with the largest public telescope in the region as well as the help of our expert guides, we’ll enjoy a fascinating evening of astronomy together, something not easily forgotten. Look up to the jet-black canopy above you, studded with glittering stars and their constellations, easily visible to the naked eye thanks to the Atacama’s lack of artificial light and endless expanse of untouched desert. The night sky transforms throughout the year, so depending on the time of your visit, it may be Saturn’s rings, craters on the moon, nebulas and even supernovas on show. All the while, pick the brain of your guide for astronomic worldviews or the way traditional Andean communities saw cosmic constellations, because if you thought the Atacama Desert was beautiful by day, just wait to see things in all its glory by night! Your Atacama Desert stargazing experience is bound to be a highlight of your visit to Atacama.

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What should I wear for an Atacama Desert star-gazing adventure?

The temperatures drop sharply in the desert once the sun has set, so we recommend you dress up warmly so that you can fully enjoy learning about the night sky and the different star constellations.


Please note: this excursion is not available during a full moon.
Level: Easy
Duration: Half Day
  • Atacama Desert Chile

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Atacama Desert Stargazing
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Atacama Desert Stargazing
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Atacama Desert Stargazing