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Guatin Gatchi Valley

Expect a confection of distinctive desert plant life and trickling rivers, on this tour to the Guatin Gatchi Valley. A short drive takes us to this flourishing valley, where we’ll start by hiking through a Cardon forest, encountering the giant cacti that are known to thrive in the area before hiking to the confluence of two rivers: the Puritama and Purifica. What’s notable about these colliding rivers is that the former is made up of warm, thermal waters while the latter is cool, mountain meltwater, and together they merge to give birth to the Vilama River, which in turn brings life to Guatin Valley’s delicate ecosystem. We’ll continue our way through the valley, over a rocky pathway dotted with small waterfalls and across the gushing river, passing interesting vegetation endemic to the region along the way. Then, a captivating panorama of the sweeping valley below makes for a worthy finale to this refreshing walk in Guatin Gatchi.

Other popular hikes around the Atacama Desert inclue:

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  4. Mars Valley Dunes & Salt Cornices
Level: Medium – Difficult
Duration: Half Day

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Guatin Gatchi Valley
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Guatin Gatchi Valley
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Guatin Gatchi Valley