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Tatio Geysers at Sunrise

Feast your eyes on the Tatio Geysers, one of the world’s most impressive geothermal sites and certainly an icon of the Atacama Desert. We’ll set off early this morning to reach the Tatio Geysers just as the sun begins to emerge above the horizon, casting an ethereal glow on vapor columns which tower over us at heights of up to 12 meters. We’ll spend some time appreciating the wonder of this geothermal field, home to over 80 active geysers which protrude from bubbling pools of boiling water, then have breakfast with the geysers as our views. As we head home, we will often spot wildlife roaming outside, including Vicuñas, Foxes, Vizcachas and Andean Ostriches. We will stop at the picturesque, adobe village of Machuca. Home to no more than a dozen locals, Machuca is small, cultural site to behold with its church built from wood and handicraft stalls, a charming interlude before taking the return road to Tierra.

Please note: This excursion is not for children under 10 years of age due to the altitude.
Level: Easy
Duration: Full Day
  • Atacama Desert Chile

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Tatio Geysers at Sunrise
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Tatio Geysers at Sunrise
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Tatio Geysers at Sunrise


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