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Visit to Moon Valley

For the people of the High Andean Plains, budding explorers and visiting travelers alike, there are few places as evocative as the Valle de la Luna or ‘Moon Valley’. The myriad of peaks, rock formations and canyons are a bewildering natural spectacle, one which can never be fully understood in either its natural beauty or tangible, spiritual atmosphere until you get there. Being a morning exploration, we will aim to avoid large visiting crowds in order to make the most of irreplaceable lookouts, eerie silences and moments of contemplation, all of which the sprawling landscapes of the Valle de la Luna are known for. There will be a chance to make your own peace with the desert, hike to stunning vantage points with our expert guide as well as enjoying time at leisure, before returning to the hotel and back down to earth.

Transfer: 20 min.
Hike: 40 min.
Duration: 3 hrs.
Level: Easy
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