Tierra Atacama

Adventures in the Atacama Desert are plentiful, and at Tierra Atacama you will find a wonderful variety of excursions to choose from. Whether you prefer to explore on foot, horseback, bike or vehicle, we’ve got an all-encompassing portfolio of activities that delve into every corner of Atacama.  Here you’ll find everything from world-class hiking tours to desert bike rides, horseback adventures to stargazing experiences, and much more.

When you arrive at Tierra Atacama our expert guides will personally walk you through our portfolio of excursions.  The guides will get to know your interests and physical activity level, helping to create a bespoke journey for you to explore the Atacama Desert your way.


At Tierra Atacama you can enjoy the desert on two wheels. Our biking excursions are perfect for exploring this otherworldly landscape.

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Get up-close and personal with the beauty of the Atacama Desert with our hiking excursions. From light strolls through the desert to more advanced hikes, there is a trail for everyone.  Our expert guides will help you choose the best path.

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Horse Riding

Whether you are trotting on the charming trails near San Pedro de Atacama or winding through desert canyons, horseback riding in the Atacama desert is an experience like no other.

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Scenic Voyages

Our scenic voyages in the Atacama Desert are perfect for getting to know the far-flung lunar landscapes that sit in some of the higher-altitudes of this desert playground.

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Special Interests

Our special interest excursions range from astronomy tours to viewing historic petroglyphs – each one offering you a distinct peek into the rich culture of the Atacama Desert.

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Hill and volcano climbing

Climbing hills and volcanoes in the Atacama is considered to be highly challenging. While ascents can never be guaranteed, it is absolutely imperative that a guest spend a minimum of five nights in order to acclimatize properly, before attempting an ascent.

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