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Hiking the Copa Coya Hill & Tatio Geysers

Prepare to be dazzled during this varied high-altitude hike, passing abandoned shelters, native wildlife and a natural phenomenon at the Tatio Geysers. Serving as either an ideal warmup for anyone seeking more strenuous volcano climbs later in your trip, or simply a superlative, scenic and invigorating day out, the Copa Coya Hill trek to the Tatio Geysers provides both; with no end of interest and intrigue along the way. The red-hued rock which the wider valley is known for turns to a dusty grey or pale orange throughout this excursion, which begins on the trails surrounding Copa Coya Hill. Despite its elevation and apparent isolation, the route is known to attract its fair share of onlooking wildlife as you hike, including native Vizcachas, Vicuñas and an abundance of Yareta plants, the longest-living in the world. En route to the geothermal field of Tatio, you will pass ice covered streams and dilapidated stone structures for a truly captivating walk, before arriving at the geysers; a beguiling sight to behold and one which more than matches the effort required to get there.

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