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Unique San Pedro de Atacama hotel

Adventure at Tierra Atacama

The essence of the unforgettable Atacama desert landscape is at the heart of Tierra Atacama, while also making it both accessible and people-orientated. Our Atacama desert hotel is situated on the edge of San Pedro de Atacama, and has been voted one of the best all-inclusive San Pedro de Atacama hotels. The property was designed by some of Chile’s most renowned architects, with regional sensibilities, eco-friendly design and boutique comforts firmly in mind. Living spaces showcase San Pedro de Atacama locally made trinkets and crafts, fire pits on the outdoor terrace will keep you cozy during those starlit evenings, and a modern take on High Andean cuisine leaves you totally satisfied, ready to explore the best of this inspiring place.

A memorable San Pedro de Atacama hotel

Your experience at our Tierra Atacama adventure & spa hotel is made all the more special through our personalized excursion plan, offering a huge array of activities from horseback riding to volcano hiking, as well as soothing sessions in the Uma Spa, complete with a menu of treatments influenced by the desert climate, native flora and ancient therapies. During your trip to Chile – come to Tierra Atacama, for experiences that will leave you feeling fully restored by the time you leave.

Why choose Tierra Atacama?

How many days should you stay in San Pedro de Atacama?

We generally recommend that you stay at least 3 or 4 nights at Tierra Atacama. This will give you time to unwind, relax and take in a number of Atacama Desert Highlights. Consult this sample itinerary for your Atacama Desert stay. However, you can easily spend a week in this stunningly beautiful, stark desert environment without getting bored. If you are interested in climbing the Lascar volcano you should plan on staying at least 5 nights, since you will need to aclimatize and do some practice hikes in the preceding days.

“Tierra Atacama blew me away! I absolutely loved my stay there and can’t fault it at all.  The staff were incredibly friendly, the rangers were very knowledgeable and honest about which excursions would work best for us and the view from the pool was stunning!  The value of All Inclusive is well worth it.” – Andrew , UK

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Unique San Pedro de Atacama hotel
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Unique San Pedro de Atacama hotel
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Unique San Pedro de Atacama hotel