Tierra Atacama

Get up-close and personal with the beauty of the Atacama Desert with our hiking excursions. From light strolls through the desert to more advanced hikes, there is a trail for everyone.  Our expert guides will help you choose the best path.

Cornisas Hike

This hike to the cornices of the Cordillera de la Sal makes for a perfect introduction to Atacama’s bewitching, lunar-like landscapes.

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Quebrada del Diablo & the Vilama Fortress

Discover the beguiling land formations of the Quebrada del Diablo and enjoy a dose of local heritage, here in the Cordillera de la Sal.

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Guatin Gatchi Valley

Expect a confection of distinctive desert plantlife and trickling rivers, on this tour to the Valle de Guatin.

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Exploring Machuca & the Río Grande

Llamas, Alpacas, Giant Cacti and desert flora abound on this immersive exploration of Machuca and the Río Grande.

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Visit to Moon Valley

For the people of the High Andean Plains, budding explorers and visiting travelers alike, there are few places as evocative as the Valle de la Luna or ‘Moon Valley’.

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Cerro Toco Volcano Climb

Located just 6km from the border between Chile and Bolivia, Cerro Toco is as awe-inspiring to look at from the ground, as the expansive panoramas are to be enjoyed from its summit.

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Lascar Volcano

Conquering the elements, altitude and weary legs to reach the rim of the Lascar crater is a mission that promises all the thrills of a strenuous mountain climb with effortlessly grandiose scenery along the way.

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Known as the “Coyote Rock,” this lookout, seen on one of San Pedro de Atacama’s most famous postcards, offers a panoramic view of the Salt Mountain Range.

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