Tierra Hotels has designed excellent options to add-on to your vacation in Chile. Extend your break in incredible destinations, without the hassle of piecing together reservations. Our Guest Experience team will take care of every detail of your trip.

Planning the perfect vacation requires a lot of work and dedication. Dreaming of all the things we wish to do tends to be easy, but to ensure everything really goes as planned, every detail must be in order. For example, if you plan on traveling to more than one place, you will inevitably have to consider transfers, distances, activities, food, reservations in each place, etc.

Tierra Hotels and their Guest Experience team helps you save time and energy by working to design different options to make your vacation in Chile even more perfect, and allow you to focus on relaxing, even before you travel. If in addition to visiting the Atacama Desert, you’d like to relax and enjoy the nightlife of Santiago, if you’re a wine lover and dream of exploring the vineyards, or if you wish to extend your trip through Patagonia to get a feel of the local culture: enjoy your personalized experience with Tierra.