Cycling adventures

Two-wheeled excursions are a great way to get to know new places and experience local life and nature up close. On this World Bicycle Day, we invite you to daydream about stunning, diverse landscapes that you can explore with us at Tierra Hotels.
June 30, 2020

Diego Salas

Those of us who ride a bike know that every trip is an adventure. Even everyday routes, such as going to work or shopping, take on their own narrative. And these are almost always good stories, even more so when we’ve ridden through nature.

Imagine traveling on two wheels, at your own pace, along the impressive trails of Death Valley in the Atacama Desert and taking in huge volcanoes and an endless number of hills on the horizon; or get carried away by the wind of Patagonia, in the middle of the pampas, in the company of dozens of guanacos and other animals; or take a deep breath as you pedal between the Pacific Ocean and the green forests of Chiloé Island. All this is possible with the excursions we have prepared at Tierra Hotels.

Guides have identified, for each destination, special routes that are perfect for cycling, enjoying the incredible scenery and experiencing nature and local life. Keep in mind that this quiet means of transportation is a great way to happen upon diverse wildlife in its purest form.

At Tierra Atacama, for example, in addition to the Valley of Death, we can cycle through the Quebrada del Diablo with incredible views of the most arid desert in the world or visit the Céjar Lagoon, in the Salar de Atacama, where, as in the Dead Sea, you can float in the water.

At Tierra Chiloé, there is a self-guided tour, for which guests take a walk on nearby trails and experience their great biodiversity of native flora and fauna. There are several different paths, each with a different level of difficulty, so guides can help you choose the best one for your adventure.

At Tierra Patagonia, bike rides allow you to interact with the southern tip of the world’s unique wilderness. Pampa, lenga forests, animals, a lot of wind and, of course, the Torres del Paine, will accompany you throughout your tour.

The bicycle is a great choice for an adventure companion and is featured on our excursions list. This list has been prepared with dedication and love by Tierra Hotels’ team of experts to create unforgettable memories for all our guests. Celebrate World Bike Day by planning your next adventure with us!

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