Ornithological tourism or birdwatching is an excellent way of getting in touch with nature and learning about the importance of its conservation. In Chile there is a great diversity of species that we can enjoy seeing just by paying attention to our surroundings. Need some advice?

It is estimated that in Chile there are more than 500 different species of birds, of which 33 are endangered. Thanks to its great variety of ecosystems and temperatures, the avifauna of this part of the world is very diverse, which allows a simple walk through nature to become a beautiful spectacle to observe and learn from. You can simply  let yourself be surprised by birds that appear during your tour, or plan an outing with the specific goal of finding them and analyzing their behavior.

If your dream is to know more about birds and recognize the special characteristics of each species, it is best to get yourself some good binoculars and research as much as you can before going out in search of them. With that, you can start an exciting experience in the birdwatching world. The main thing is that you are patient and always alert, especially to sounds.

Ornithological tourism or birdwatching is the name given to this activity that, in recent years, has become very popular. Many people are drawn to the charm of birds and how great it is to be able to see them, hear them and, in some cases, take beautiful photos. However, it is very important that we put special emphasis on respecting and protecting their natural environments.

The tour guides at Tierra Hotels, are trained to provide guests with a complete birdwatching experience. Not only will they help you find different types of birds, they will also teach you to distinguish each species, to understand their characteristics and, of course, to conserve their habitat, observing them respectfully.