It has been scientifically proven that a deep connection with nature delivers important benefits to our physical and mental health. In Chile there are several places with ideal conditions for this therapeutic practice which has similarities with meditation. When the pandemic restrictions come to an end, it will be a useful tool to help us find a new equilibrium.

At times like this, it seems that the world has obliged us to pause our usual pace of life, and the health restrictions have tested the tolerance of everyone. It seems to be the right time to talk about forest bathing and the deep necessity we humans have to connect with nature.

This health enhancing practice became popular in Japan in the 80s, when a group of scientists proved that regular visits to wooded areas considerably lowered stress levels in those who made regular visits.

The studies showed that this type of sensory experience, in connection with nature and for prolonged amounts of time, not only make up a positive and entertaining pastime, but also produce a series of positive effects in our organism.