Healthy connections with nature

The archipelago of Chiloé is not only a destination filled with stunning scenery, but is also a place with a special geography which enables visitors to experience a sense of oneness with the wild. Eduardo Angulo, the Resident Manager of Tierra Chiloé, tells us how he and his team are preparing to welcome guests again, in the heart of this wonderful island in the south of Chile.
September 23, 2020

Diego Salas

The archipelago of Chiloé has many special characteristics which its visitors fall in love with. One of the most special features, perhaps, is the island’s bountiful nature.

Those who are lucky enough to have visited this magical place in the south of Chile, are witnesses to a variety of multicolored landscapes, where innumerable species of plants and animals reside, in the middle of woodland, hills, beaches, rivers and of course, the sea. Tierra Chiloé is privileged to contemplate this fertile biodiversity from its unique location on the Rilán Peninsula.

The hotel, with architecture that delights on first sight, only has 24 rooms, and has been awarded and recognized as one of the best hotels in South America over the last few years.

“Our property is immersed in a privileged landscape and I would say it’s almost a secret hidden within the secret that is the Island of Chiloé. It enjoys incredible views of the Andes mountains, is surrounded by native flora and fauna and is only steps away from one of the most important wetlands on the island. The Pullao Wetland, which is overlooked by the hotel, is where guests can spot a variety of bird life, including flamingos, black necked swans and the fascinating Hudsonian Godwits who fly here every year from Alaska” notes Eduardo Angulo, Resident Manager of Tierra Chiloé.

The variety of excursions which the hotel offers, means that guests can discover the different attractions of the island in the way that best suits them. The experience is one of unforgettable adventures which offer the opportunity to dive deep into a living culture which is steeped in legends and local customs.

The gastronomy specializes in local ingredients used in recipes inspired by traditional dishes, and together with the naturally reviving spa treatments is the perfect complement for those memorable, adventures. “When you’re ready to travel, together with my team, we’re looking forward to share the bounty of the Chiloé archipelago. I can’t wait for when that time comes, and I can welcome guests again.” says Eduardo “We’ll be here waiting for you!”

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  1. David Hood says:

    Eduardo wishing you all the best for this season after the challenging year we have had across the world. Currently we are restricted from leaving Australia and there are no flights to Santiago but we plan to be back for our 2nd visit to Chiloe as soon as possible. Wishing you and all your wonderful staff our best regards David & Trudie Hood

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