A view of Tierra Patagonia just as the sun sets over the mountains.
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Hiker looking up at the Three Towers on Tierra Patagonia excursion.
Hotel room with a view of the Chiloé landscape at Tierra Chiloé.
Hoteles con piscina temperada y spa
Spa & Wellness
hoteles de lujo
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At Tierra Hotels we offer tailor-made excursions and an authentic gastronomy in journeys which combine active adventure with relaxation in our spas, either exploring the frosted peaks and deep lakes of Patagonia; the infinite starry skies and ethereal energy of Atacama; or the dazzling blue waters and lush, rolling hills of Chiloé.

Why Tierra Hotels?


We have launched initiatives to minimize any direct impact on the local countryside or wildlife and to secure strong relationships with local communities.

Architecture & Design

Our lodges were built using locally-sourced material and take their inspiration from each Tierra destination, with key elements sourced from Chilean artisans.

Hospitality & Service

The desire for exceptional hospitality comes naturally to us, owed to our 70 years of experience at Ski Portillo, which was South America’s first ever winter resort.

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