The Biodiversity of Pullao Wetlands

The colorful wilderness of the Chiloe Archipelago continuously awes visitors with its amazing landscapes, which are also home to some beautiful and complex ecosystems.
March 25, 2020

Diego Salas

Just steps away from Tierra Chiloe, you’ll find what many believe to be the island’s best spot for birdwatching: the Pullao wetlands.

The wetlands stretch for about one kilometer  and serve as a seasonal home to thousands of species migrating from the northern hemisphere, such as the Hudsonian godwit, the whimbrel and the Rhynchops niger, among others.

“It truly is an exceptional place to birdwatch. Bird species change throughout the seasons, flocking there for food; this of course allows us to study their behavior and take good photos,” said Franco Eyzaguirre, Tierra Chiloe’s Assistant Manager of Excursions.

By using binoculars and paying close attention to birdsongs and calls, guests explore the Pullao wetlands and discover Chiloe’s rich natural world in depth. Both experts and amateurs find the experience highly memorable.

However, this important ecosystem is also very fragile. For this reason, Tierra Chiloe and its entire excursion team are committed to the wetland’s preservation, developing practices that promote sustainable management and protection of its biodiversity.

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