Tierra Chiloé: Collaborative design

Surrounded by incredible natural landscapes, Tierra Chiloe also astounds for its detailed interiors. In this video, Alexandra Edwards and Carolina del Piano tell us what leading this project meant for them, and about their special focus which goes beyond just the aesthetics.
January 15, 2021

Diego Salas

One of the main objectives of Tierra Hotels is to create a profound connection with nature for their guests.  Carolina del Piano and Alexandra Edwards are responsible for capturing this fundamental aspect in their design and decoration of each of Tierra’s hotels.  A fascinating challenge which required much research, investigation and interpretation of concepts.

In the following video, del Piano and Edwards tell us what it was like to work in the decorative process of Tierra Chiloe and they explain the meticulous curation process.  “In this search for new designers with whom we wanted to work, we not only looked for excellence in their work, but also that they worked with Chilean materials and that would help us to create this narrative, which is to understand Chiloe, its culture and its landscapes,” says del Piano.

The designers also highlight the manner in which the distinct areas within the hotel complement each other to obtain an optimal result.  “One of the most beautiful parts of this project is the collaborative work which grew between the teams.  From the illumination, views, gastronomy and also, of course, with local artists, artisans and designers.”

Here is the video:

One response to “Tierra Chiloé: Collaborative design”

  1. Teresa Vial says:

    Patrimonio natural y cultural. Precioso trabajo.

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