It’s crucial to have proper footwear when going on an excursion. There are many different technologies, models and brands to choose from, but the most important is to make sure your shoes are appropriate for the activity. Desert terrain, rainy weather or a snow-covered mountain? Follow these tips to prepare accordingly and enjoy each step of your experience.

Trekking shoes are a fundamental element when planning an adventure in nature. Our feet are literally the main support we have while hiking, and as such, it’s important to use footwear that best adapts to the challenges that lie ahead.

These days, many different types of hiking boots and shoes exist. Not just different brands, there are also different technologies to provide more comfort, resistance, or grip for tougher terrain.

So, how to choose the best shoes for going on excursions with Tierra Hotels? Is Goretex or Waterproof better? With ankle support, or low cut? In this article you’ll find some tips and recommendations that will help you choose the best type of shoe for you and your favorite adventures.