Tips on what to wear for going on excursions in Chiloé

Rain is part of the charm of this beautiful island – a very special climate that surprises us throughout the day with intense rains and clear skies. Because of the sporadic weather, it is important that we dress smartly when we leave the comfort of the hotel to go explore, with clothing that will allow us to enjoy the magnificent views that this Chilean archipelago has to offer.
September 6, 2020

Diego Salas

Walking through the forests of Chiloé is truly something magical.  With each step, we can feel the nature of southern Chile in its purest state.  The wildlife, the aromas, and the colors are some of the elements that make this experience so incredible.  The rainy weather is an integral part of this encounter with nature, which is why we must be well-prepared when we go on an excursion.

There is a well-known phrase among the local islanders which says, “if it’s not raining, it’s because it’s going to rain.”  This saying is the perfect example of how the inhabitants of the Chiloé archipelago relate to the sudden rains which form a part of daily life here and which, when they pass, leave behind a breathtakingly blue sky.

In order to enjoy the rain which will accompany our adventures, we’ll need to have water-proof clothing and trekking shoes, a hat that can withstand the wetness, as well as a few other important elements.  In the following video, we’ll help you pack your suitcase before coming to Chiloé with some explanations and tips on how to best prepare for the excursions that our team of guides at Tierra Chiloé have prepared for you.

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