We celebrate World Environment Day every day, contributing to local culture, sustainability, building a relationship with the environment, reducing single-use plastics and much more.

At Tierra Hotels we are deeply committed to the environment and sustainability. That is why each of our hotels has an environmental management plan, involving advanced technologies to take care of the environment, better connect with nature and improve the experience of our guests.


Tierra Atacama has managed to reduce its carbon footprint by more than 240 tons of CO2 per year thanks to a hybrid solar energy production system, which is responsible for meeting the hotel’s energy needs. We have a deep well for water extraction, a water treatment system and also a greywater reuse program, which is used for irrigation at the hotel.

Likewise, Tierra Chiloé works directly with CECPAN (Center for the Conservation and Study of Natural Heritage) to promote the sustainable management of the wetlands of Pullao, which has a vast ecosystem. To reduce energy expenditure, the hotel’s exterior is a wooden tile design that helps minimize the loss of heat, which is generated with renewable biomass energy, reducing the carbon footprint.