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Tierra Chiloé: Lake District in Chile

Chiloé Island: a unique part of the Lake District in Chile.

If you’re planning a trip to the Chilean Lake District to discover its many lakes, waterfalls and volcanoes, it’s also well worth spending a few days exploring the unique and magical Islands of Chiloé. Only a short ferry ride from the mainland, yet seemingly a world away, this archipelago sits at the southern end of the Lake District, south of Puerto Montt. Here you can explore its verdant green hills, pristine national parks, small towns with craft markets and UNESCO world heritage churches. Chiloé is great for trekking, horse-riding, bike rides and kayaking amongst other activities.


An adventure at Tierra Chiloé: a unique lodge in Chile

Take a step back to simpler times at Tierra Chiloé, an eco-luxury spa lodge in Chile, where intrepid adventures are coupled with comfort, sea views and the promise of authentic experiences.

Our passion for the island is rooted in the foundations of Tierra Chiloé, with eco-friendly architecture that makes the most of the island’s changeable climate for heating and ventilation. Made of locally sourced wood and clad in shingles, the exteriors mimic the traditional homes of local fishing communities.  Inside, panoramic windows in the restaurant and living areas allow for uninterrupted Pacific Ocean views, which change constantly as the clouds and light play across the water.

Quintessential island life and sophisticated modern comfort meet hand-in-hand at Tierra Chiloé. Every piece of furniture and decor has a story, as Chilean designers have collaborated with local craftspeople to curate a space which is relaxed and welcoming. Our team of friendly staff and guides are on hand to help you discover the genuine warmth of the islanders, through our excursions that provide insights into the local traditions and myths. During your trip to Chile, a visit to Tierra Chiloé Adventure Spa Hotel will restore your soul through an appreciation of the simple things in life that mean so much.


The Lake District: From Puerto Montt to Chiloe.

The fastest way to travel to Chiloé Island is by air, whereas the most scenic way is by road with a short ferry ride on the way. Find out how to get to Tierra Chiloé from the Lake District or Santiago. In high season, you can fly from Santiago or Puerto Montt to the Mocopulli Airport in Castro, Chiloé.

“The hotel itself is simply stunning – starkly stylish against the landscape (I love the way it looks different from every angle) and so welcoming and comfortable on the inside. I could have sat and looked at the view and changing light forever. We slept with our blinds open every night, waking to a glorious morning sky.” – Sarah, UK

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Tierra Chiloé: Lake District in Chile
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Tierra Chiloé: Lake District in Chile
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Tierra Chiloé: Lake District in Chile


Tierra Chiloé