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Chiloé Weather & Packing List

The weather in Chiloé is temperamental – on one day you might be blessed with glorious sunshine, though the next might bring with it lots of wind and rainfall. The western side of Chiloé is open to the ocean, often making it cooler and wetter; the eastern side is a little more protected.

Weather in Chile

Chile is a country of contrasting weather, as the geography is also extremely varied. It hosts several climatic subtypes within its borders, ranging from low desert in the north, to alpine tundra and glaciers in the east and southeast, oceanic in the south, Mediterranean in central Chile and subtropical climate in Easter Island. Although there are four seasons in most of the territory, in some regions the weather in Chile is not completely predictable. Read more about Torres del Paine weather and recommended packing list. If you also plan to visit Northern Chile, read more about the weather in the Atacama Desert.

What are Chiloé temperatures like?

Temperatures are cool, with the average being 50°F (10°C), and rainfall can occur year-round, with the wettest time being from May through to August – when almost half the annual total can be expected at once.

Packing for the Chiloé climate

When you pack, it’s good to be prepared for all the variations in Chiloé weather. We recommend dressing in layers and having a waterproof jacket to hand for any rainy moments in the day. You should prepare for wind, sun and showers, as you never know what the day will bring! Take a look at our suggested packing list to help you prepare for your trip:

There isn’t a dress code at the hotel, though a smart/casual approach for dinner would not be out of place

IMPORTANT: From May 16, 2020 Australian Passport holders need a visa to enter Chile. This must be obtained online here

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Chiloé Weather & Packing List
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Chiloé Weather & Packing List
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Chiloé Weather & Packing List


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