Chiloe island map & Location of Tierra Chiloe
Tierra Chiloé

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Chiloe Island Map and how to get to Tierra Chiloé

Chiloe island is a unique and magical destination in Northern Patagonia, located south of Puerto Montt and the Chilean Lake District. As you can see on our Chiloe island map, you can fly from Puerto Montt to Castro (LATAM offers flights in high season) or we will pick you up to travel the scenic overland route which includes a ferry ride and great views of snowy mountain peaks. Tierra Chiloé, a luxury eco-lodge with amazing views of the sea and Pullao wetlands, is located a short distance from the towns of Castro and Dalcahue.

Where is Chiloe on a map?

The largest island (Isla Grande de Chiloé) is separated from the mainland by the Chacao channel, and from the Andean mountain range by an interior sea which sprawls for 100 miles to the south. To the west is the Pacific Ocean, with its pounding waves and rocky coast.  On the eastern side of the island, soft green hills with stunning landscapes awash with fascinating flora, native woods and tranquil waters. As you can see on this map of Chiloe Island, there are also several smaller islands, some of which can be visited on our tours & excursions around Chiloe.

How to Get to Tierra Chiloé Adventure and Spa Hotel

Tierra Chiloé is located on the main island of the Chiloe archipelago, surrounded by the channels and fiords of Northern Patagonia and near the Lake District in Chile. The closest commercial center is Dalcahue, which is a 20 minute drive from the hotel and also just a short drive from the town of Castro.

You can reach us by flying roughly 1 hour 45 minutes from Santiago to Puerto Montt, where we will pick you up and make the 4-hour drive to Tierra Chiloé. This transfer includes a ferry boat ride that lasts around 45 minutes, during which you can get out and watch the islands passing by; the start to your Chiloe island adventure.

Another option is to fly non-stop from Santiago to Mocopulli Airport in Castro, the capital of Chiloé. This flight is available several times a week in high season and takes 1 hour 50 minutes, with a 45-minute transfer by road to reach the hotel from the airport. If you are arriving by land to Puerto Varas in the Lake District, we can also organize transfers for you.

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Chiloe Island Map and how to get to Tierra Chiloé
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Chiloe Island Map and how to get to Tierra Chiloé


Tierra Chiloé