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Taste the magic of Chiloé Island

Celebrating the local island traditions, Tierra Chiloé indulges in the rich produce of the local fishing and farming communities that surround the hotel.
Native Potatoes Chiloe island Chile

The people of Chiloé have adapted to the local conditions of the archipelago over thousands of years, with many traditional agricultural practices still very much in use today.

Cattle drawn carts are still used to transport local produce such as elephant garlic and potatoes – of which there are nearly 300 varieties!

Seafood Chiloe Chile

Fishermen sell their daily catch, including robalo, pejerrey, trout, oysters and mussels fresh from the sea, in the local markets.

In this program, we invite you to learn about the living heritage of some of these traditions from the first-hand accounts of Chilotes while sampling local delicacies.

Curanto Chiloe Chile

You not only get a delicious taste of the regional cuisine here in Chiloé, but also benefit from an understanding of a lifestyle which is unique to this region.

We will also ensure you try specialties such as curanto, a stew of meat, potato and shellfish cooked in the ground with hot stones and milcao, a grated potato and pork dish, among many other culinary delights!

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Taste the Magic of Chiloé Island - 4 Nights at Tierra Chiloé

Sample Itinerary – Activities are subject to availability and weather conditions

Day 1: Signature Cocktail Lesson, Kayak & Curanto Ritual

Our Bartender will welcome you with a Signature Cocktail Lesson. Taste our local liquors made out of murta and calafate and discover the unique Sirena vodka, which is hand crafted from heirloom Chilote potatoes. Learn about local ingredients and try some of the barman’s creations: Nalca Sour and the characteristic Ulmo Sour: a unique drink of Chilean pisco and local Ulmo honey.

After lunch at the hotel, we will depart from our pier towards the south of the island via a water route that will allow us to experience the life and culture of the island in a unique way. We will paddle 8 kilometers to Rilán, where we will visit its World Heritage Church and walk through the small town. This tour allows you to appreciate the peninsula’s great biodiversity with its many bird species and Chilean dolphins. Finally, you will have the option of returning to Tierra Chiloé by car or kayak.

When evening comes, our chef makes the local specialty, the traditional “curanto”. This celebratory preparation -which is often accompanied by a live accordion player, is done in a hole, in contact with mother earth. It cooks slowly on hot rocks stacked with choritos (a local bivalve), meat, native potatoes, and sausages. Chapaleles and milcaos (types of potato bread) must also be added and, on top, nalca leaves are placed, allowing the ingredients to steam cook. Enjoy your meal and learn about this ritual with the local farmers and fishermen.

  • Signature Cocktails at Tierra Chiloé - Farm to table Chilean cuisine

Day 2: Quinchao Island, the true heart of traditional and indigenous Chiloé

Our day begins by boarding the ferry to Quinchao Island, a quiet village that once a year transforms, receiving hundreds of tourists for one of the archipelago’s most important religious festivals.

We will head toward Achao, the island capital, and walk along its bay until arriving at the church. Depending on the time of year, we will see the work of local artisans.

After that we will head to Curaco de Vélez with its more than 100-year-old houses whose colorful shingles continue to delight. We will taste freshly caught local oysters, widely known for their fresh and mineral flavor.

There we will visit a local organic farm owned by Sandra, a Williche woman who has preserved ancestral farming techniques. We will have a typical Chilote lunch with her and learn about the work of local farmers and their famous crops of native potato and giant garlic.

In the afternoon we will take a trip by land to Dalcahue, to which artisans travel every weekend from the farthest islands to sell their weavings, baskets and woodwork at the age-old traditional market. Here we will enjoy the typical delight of this area: seafood turnovers.

Upon our arrival to the hotel, we will enjoy a Chilean wine tasting accompanied by local snacks.

  • The seafood market on the island of Chiloé.
  • Dalcachue Market Chiloe Chile
  • Native Potatoes Chiloe island Chile
  • Elephant Garlic Chiloe Chile

Day 3: Discovering the cultural heritage of Castro and the native crops in our backyard

The beating heart of Chiloé lies in the traditional stilt houses, grand churches and authentic craft markets of Castro. The history and cultural influences surrounding Castro make for an adventure of discovery. It begins with a visit to the colourful Mercado Yumbel. This vibrant market is awash with local produce, fresh fish and rustically woven wares, a place for islanders as well as visitors.

After a delicious meal, we will walk around our backyard to collect organic vegetables, which are grown in our orchards and our greenhouse. At Tierra Chiloé, we have two hectares planted with 18 different types of produce including herbs, fruit and vegetables; nine of which are native to the region such as hazelnut, nalca and rosehip.  We also grow typical Chilote potatoes and garlic.

  • Stilted houses unique to the Island of Chiloé.
  • Artisan crafts Chiloe Chile
  • The Castro Market or mercado Castro on the Island of Chiloé.

Day 4: Chelin, the heart of the archipelago

Set sail on our very own boat, the Williche, journeying southwest to the island of Chelin on this exciting full-day expedition.

We’ll dock at Chelin, a beautiful island laden with original houses tucked along old-fashioned streets, where we’ll stumble upon the neoclassical World Heritage Site church which has been painstakingly preserved with the help of local artisans and architects.

We’ll continue to the cemetery, a fascinating sight to behold with tombstones imitating the village’s very own wooden shingled homes, making it appear like a miniature town of the dead, lost in time.

  • Chelin Cemetery Chiloe island Chile

Day 5: Time at Leisure and Transfer to the Airport

Before taking your transfer back to the airport, why not spend your last moments at Tierra Chiloé enjoying a self-guided walk or taking the time for last photo opportunities around the peninsula.

  • Mercadito Tierra Chiloe - Farm to table Chilean traditional cuisine
  • Tierra Chiloé - Isla de Chiloé - Vacaciones en Chile
  • Farm to table Chilean cuisine

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Taste the magic of Chiloé Island
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