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Chiloé is an archipelago covered in woodlands and edged in by the Pacific Ocean in northern Patagonia.
The sample itinerary below will give you an idea of what your Chiloé adventure could be like. Keep in mind, it is purely for inspiration, as every experience at Tierra Chiloé is personalized for each guest.
A man hiking in the Parque Tantauco on the a Tierra Chiloé excursion on Island of Chiloé.

Chiloé is a mix of rolling green hills and blue waters on the eastern side, and a rocky coastline pounded by the mighty Pacific Ocean to the west. Scattered smaller islands emerge from the Sea of Chiloé between the island and the mainland, completing this beautiful Northern Patagonian archipelago.

Flamingo Chiloé Chile

The unique landscape defines the livelihoods of Chilotes and also shelters a fascinating array of flora and fauna. The island is the second largest in South America, cut off from the mainland by the Chacao Canal.

Slit Homes in Chiloe Chile

Shaped by the meeting of the land with the sea, the culture of the people here includes innovative architectural techniques, delicious cuisine and mythology rooted in a mix of pre-Columbian religion and legends introduced by European immigrants from long ago.

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The Best of Chiloé - 4 Nights at Tierra Chiloé

Sample Itinerary – Activities are subject to availability and weather conditions

Day 1 – Historic sites of Castro

The beating heart of Chiloé lies in the island’s principal city of Castro. Its unique stilt houses, traditional churches and authentic craft markets make it the perfect start to your Chiloé adventure. This 16th century former stronghold of Chilean governance is shrouded in history and cultural influences.

We begin with a visit to the colorful Mercado Yumbel, a vibrant market full of local produce, freshly caught fish and rustic woven wares. From Yumbel, walk down to admire the town’s iconic stilt houses. The streets of the bay will lead you to Castro’s central church of San Francisco, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and nod towards the town’s 500-year old roots. No exploration would be complete without visiting the shipyards and carpentry school, an integral part of the island’s economy and cultural heritage.

After lunch at the hotel, spend the afternoon either unwinding in the Uma Spa or discover the lodge grounds, orchards and gardens and the seashore before planning tomorrow’s activities with our guides.

  • Stilted houses unique to the Island of Chiloé.
  • The Castro Market or mercado Castro on the Island of Chiloé.

Day 2 – Mechuque Boat Exploration

The smaller, surrounding islands and islets of Chiloé are a treasure trove of wildlife, cultural heritage and scenery simply waiting to be discovered. Mechuque, in the Chauque Isles, is one of the loveliest. Boarding our boat – the Williche – a windswept 45-minute voyage will take you to the Chauques archipelago, a maze of interconnecting waterways and landmasses, with the town of Mechuque as our first stop.

In the afternoon kayak through the serene canals of Chauques or walk up to the Mechuque viewpoint, before returning to Tierra Chiloé.

Day 3 – Duhatao-Chepu: the Island’s mountain range

The Sendero de Chile is a project designed to connect the entire length of Chile through scenic and naturally versatile trekking trails. This enchanting trek will take in a small section of the wider trail, beginning at the beautiful Bay of Duhatao. From here, you will walk the twisting coastal cliffs as they merge into lush forest, taking time to appreciate privileged vantage points before heading deep into the woods.

The trekking will be steady, with any strenuous effort or uphill climbs being rewarded with invigorating views of the surrounding woodland, and out to the Chepu River in the distance. The trail descends gradually to the islet of Aulen, where you will have a relaxing stroll along the beach towards our awaiting vessel, which will take you for an exhilarating and well-earned boat ride upstream.  Towards the end of this voyage, we will be rewarded with views of the Sunken Forest (“Bosque Hundido”), from the boat itself.

  • Forest -Duhatao - Chepu trekking
  • Duhatao - Chepu Chiloé Chile
  • Beach - Duhatao - Chepu trekking
  • trekking Duhatao - Chepu Chiloe

Day 4 – Quinchao Island

Our day begins by boarding the ferry to Quinchao and heading toward Achao, the island capital. After a walk along its bay and a visitit to its historic church, we will meet Sandra Naiman -a charming Williche woman, who will tell us about her organic orchard, the work of local farmers and their famous crops of native potato and giant garlic.

After a delicious lunch, we will head to Curaco de Vélez with its more than 100-year-old houses whose colorful shingles continue to delight. We will then travel by land to Dalcahue, to which artisans travel every weekend from the farthest islands to sell their weavings, baskets and woodwork at the age-old traditional market.

  • The seafood market on the island of Chiloé.
  • Quinchao Church Chiloe islands Chile

Day 5 – Time at Leisure and Transfer to the Airport

Before taking your transfer back to the airport, why not spend your last moments at Tierra Chiloé making the most of Uma Spa, enjoying a self-guided walk or taking the time for last photo opportunities around the peninsula.

  • Spa & Wellness at Tierra Chiloé
  • Farm to table Chilean cuisine
  • Mercadito Tierra Chiloe - Farm to table Chilean traditional cuisine

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