Dining on your adventure vacations at Tierra Chiloé Island Resort

Dining in Chiloé

Tierra Chiloé

Island Fare & Tradition

Our farm to table restaurant at Tierra Chiloé indulges in the rich produce of the local fishing community, which surrounds the hotel. As such, guests are treated to a plethora of seafood dishes, where mussels, sea urchins and other ocean treats fresh from the daily catch await. In addition to close ties with the local fishermen and farmers, our chef makes homemade breads and pastries, and the local specialty, the traditional Chilean cuisine dish “curanto”.

This celebratory preparation is done in a hole, in contact with mother earth. It cooks slowly on hot rocks stacked with choritos (a local bivalve), meat, native potatoes and sausages.  Chapaleles and milcaos (types of potato bread) must also be added and, on top, nalca leaves are placed, allowing the ingredients to steam cook.

  • Farm to table Chilean cuisine at Tierra Chiloé
  • Mercadito Tierra Chiloe - Farm to table Chilean traditional cuisine

The Setting

Inside, the warmly-lit walls are part of a relaxed space with handmade wooden furniture, cozy corners, hand crafted lampshades and those ever-present views of the inland sea. Often, our horses can be seen grazing on the grassy pastures surrounding the property.

  • Farm to table Chilean cuisine
  • Dining Room at Tierra Chiloe - Farm to table Chilean cuisine

The Bar

When evening comes, our signature cocktail of Chilean pisco and local Ulmo honey (made from the flowers of a native tree found only in southern Patagonia) is the order of the day. Our welcoming restaurant staff are on-hand to help find the perfect Chilean wine to accompany your meal, and the bartender can be relied on to suggest a digestif for an after-dinner drink next to the copper fireplace or on the outdoor  terrace with its own hearth.

  • Signature Cocktails at Tierra Chiloé - Farm to table Chilean cuisine

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Dining in Chiloé
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Dining in Chiloé
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Dining in Chiloé


Tierra Chiloé