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The Humedales Orientales de Chiloé, or ‘Eastern Wetlands of Chiloé,’ are a vital ecosystem and welcome resting place for thousands of migrating shorebirds each year.

Expanding across a total area of 30,000 km², these marshy plains are an important conservational site of significant proportions, highlighting some of Chile’s rich biodiversity and changeable geography.

Though the exact number and variety species varies depending on the time of year and seasonal weather conditions, regular residents include no less than 27% of the world’s entire Hudsonian Godwit population, families of Chilean Flamingos, Cormorants and large numbers of both coastal Ducks and Gulls.

During this excursion into some of the more accessible sections of wetland, our local guide will be on hand to point out wildlife and explain more about the local seaweed collectors, who you may see at low tide.

You can also enjoy a similar experience on the water itself by kayak, or visit nearby Salmon and Mussel farms, depending on your interests and preferences.

Level: Easy
Duration: Half Day

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