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Fishing in Chiloé

Fishing in Chiloé is an unforgettable experience. The excursions take place in the most beautiful part of the archipelago and are designed for expert fishermen, amateurs and all who are interested in trying their hand at the sport. The excursions take you to beaches, rivers and lakes in the southern part of Chiloé National Park (Huillinco-Cucao), where local guides who know the area accompany you.

In these surroundings of unparalleled beauty, you can enjoy lake and river-fishing of fario and brown trout (dominant species), rainbow trout and even salt water fish such as red snapper and silver smelt. On the Pacific beaches, we can take pleasure in reeling in sea bass, red snapper and even flounder. Salmon fishing is only allowed in Chiloé between the months of November and May.
There are no limits for fishing in the sea.

Note: There is an additional cost for this excursion and it must be reserved at time of booking subject to availability of local supplier.

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