Scenic Voyages

Tierra Chiloé / Guided Tours

Chelin & Quehui: the heart of the archipelago

Set sail on our very own boat, the Williche, journeying southwest to the islands of Chelin and Quehui on this exciting full-day expedition. We’ll dock first at Chelin, a beautiful island laden with original houses tucked along old-fashioned streets, where we’ll stumble upon the neoclassical World Heritage Site church which has been painstakingly preserved with the help of local artisans and architects. We’ll continue to the cemetery, a fascinating sight to behold with tombstones imitating the village’s very own wooden shingled homes, making it appear like a miniature town of the dead, lost in time.

Next up is Quehui Island, where tranquil waterways and opportunities for adventure await. Our boat will glide gently along the Pindo Estuary, taking us right to the heart of the island while admiring the spectacular scenery around us along the way. Don’t miss the chance to try your hand at kayaking through this ethereal land, or let our zodiacs take the strain and travel along the shoreline with ease. For those who’d prefer to stay on tierra firme, hop of one of the bicycles and make your way along the clifftop trails, rewarding yourself with spellbinding views of the island and beyond. Alternatively, opt for a gentle stroll through the streets of Quehui, absorbing its special aura, traditional cuisine and folklore, all of which are celebrated during the annual Ocean Festival here on the island.

Level: Easy
Duration: Full Day