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Quinchao Island: the true heart of traditional and indigenous Chiloe

We will head toward Achao, the island capital, and walk along its bay until arriving at the church. Depending on the time of year, we will see the work of local artisans. Here we will board the ferry to Quinchao Island, a quiet village that once a year transforms, receiving hundreds of tourists for one of the archipelago’s most important religious festivals.

We will visit a local organic farm and learn about the work of Chilote farmers and their famous crops of native potato and giant garlic.

We will lunch in the area and then head to Curaco de Vélez with its more than 100-year-old houses whose colorful shingles continue to delight. We will then travel by land to Dalcahue, to which artisans travel every weekend from the farthest islands to sell their weavings, baskets and woodwork at the age-old traditional market.

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