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Route of the Churches

This interesting tour to Quemchi, Aucar Island and three local churches can be done either on foot or by bicycle, the perfect chance to explore the north of the island on two wheels!  After driving from the hotel to Quemchi, the first stop on this cultural excursion is the museum and former home of Francisco Coloane, one of Chile’s best literary writers who is well-known for his seafaring stories, inspired by the landscapes and myths of Chiloé.  We then head to Aucar Island – which Coloane himself named the “Island of Sailors’ Spirits”.  We’ll cross a long bridge to reach the chapel and cemetery here, before starting on the meandering path which leads around Aucar Island.  This allows us time to soak up the scenery here, which is bursting with fascinating flora.

We round off this tour by visiting three churches, all designated UNESCO World Heritage Sites: Colo, Tenaún and Dalcahue.  These centuries-old buildings are all intriguing examples of the region’s unique architectural style, blending Jesuit and ancient Chilote techniques to afford a category all of their own: the “Chilote school of architecture”.  It is here that this cultural immersion into northern Chiloé concludes, before heading back to the hotel in our support vehicle.

Level: Medium – Difficult
Duration: Full Day

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