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Self Guided Biking

While the majority of our excursions are in the company of one of Tierra’s expert guides, we also understand the importance of doing some outdoor exploration on your own. Our self-guided biking excursions are the perfect way to get out, stretch your legs and familiarize yourself with the lands that lie around the hotel.

Depending on your particular interests, physical ability and local weather conditions, our guides can offer tailor-made recommendations for your biking adventures in Chiloé. There are many different trails to choose from, everything from easy cycles to challenging off-road routes. Rides begin from the hotel and generally head towards the village of San Jose.  Here, you can explore local life and stop for a well-earned break, having traversed the woodland, open fields and coastal paths along the way, relishing the mountain and sea views as you go.

Level: Easy
Duration: Half-day excursion
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