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Mechuque: the island of stilt homes

Chiloé’s surrounding, smaller islands are a treasure trove of wildlife and cultural heritage waiting to be discovered. Mechuque in the  Chauques Isles, is one of the loveliest. Begin with a short tour of Tenaún, a quaint port town of few residents which has a striking central church.

Boarding the boat in Tenaún, a windswept 45-minute voyage will take you to the Chauques archipelago, a beautiful maze of interconnecting waterways and landmasses. Mechuque is our first stop.

Your afternoon can then be spent kayaking the serene canals of Chauques in traditionally dugout canoes or taking the relatively easy hike up the Mechuque viewpoint, the perfect place for enchanting panoramic views of this picturesque island network.

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