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Chepu: hidden corners

We will travel by land to Chepu and sail downstream to the mouth of the river. Here we will begin our walk toward the south of the river, passing through native and coastal forests that have been beat down by the wind. Arriving at Guabil Beach, we will take in a landscape characteristic of the western coast of Chiloe with green cliffs that fall abruptly into the sea.

A little farther along, we will come across an old, grounded ship. Returning to the mouth of the river, we will continue sailing to the “Pier of Light” (Muelle de la Luz). Legend has it that from this place at night, it is common to see lights in the sky, on the horizon and on the ocean; sometimes the lights of a wizard, sometimes those of a Caleuche and other times light from other planets.

We will return to our ferry and start our return trip upriver among gorgeous submerged forests.

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