Tierra Chiloé

With lush green hills and Pacific Ocean blues all around, hiking the Island of Chiloé is at once breathtaking, fun, and nourishing for the soul. Whether you’re one for challenging treks or prefer a slower pace walk, we have an assortment of wonderful routes to choose from throughout this far-flung Chilean archipelago.

Trekking to the Pier of Souls

The work of local artist and sculptor Chumono, Muelle de las Almas plays homage to the legend of the boatman Tempilcahue who takes the souls of the dead to their final resting place.

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Duahatao-Chepu Trekking: a past of active volcanism

This enchanting trekking begins at the beautiful Bay of Duhatao. From here, you will walk the twisting coastal cliffs as they merge into lush forest, taking time to appreciate privileged vantage points before heading deep into the woods.

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Chepu: hidden corners

Venture to the coastline of Chiloé’s National Park to encounter rugged beaches, winding rivers and a blissful lack of development.

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Tricolor Trekking: The colors of forest, sand and sea

The colors of forest, sand and sea give rise to the name of this beach. On our trekking, we will cross Chiloe’s different landscapes.

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Ahuenco Park: a slice of unique landscape

We will cross the Chepu River by boat, passing through the sunken forest and arriving to the pier, to start our trek through native forests and by points looking out on the Pacific Ocean.

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Cole Cole: hidden beach, Chiloe National Park

Following the beach north for 12 km, we will see in action one of the typical Chilote economic activities: diving for razor clam extraction.

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Tantauco Park Trekking: Virgin forest

Tantauco Park is located in Chiloe Isla Grande’s most remote and wild area along the northern border of Chilean Patagonia, at the southern end of the world.

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