Tierra Chiloé

With lush green hills and Pacific Ocean blues all around, hiking the Island of Chiloé is at once breathtaking, fun, and nourishing for the soul. Encompassing enchanting woodland walks, birdwatching expeditions and clifftop treks, our portfolio of Chiloé hikes brings you closer to this versatile región and its unexpected charms, which our guides will be proud to show you. Whether you’re one for challenging treks or prefer a slower pace walk, we have an assortment of wonderful routes to choose from throughout this far-flung Chilean archipelago.

Backyard Pullao

The Humedales Orientales de Chiloé, or ‘Eastern Wetlands of Chiloé,’ are a vital ecosystem and welcome resting place for thousands of migrating shorebirds each year. Our guides will be on hand to ensure you get the most out of this bird watching excursion.

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Bosquepiedra – Land of Murta

Uncover the natural and cultural riches of Chiloé on this full-day visit to the pristine Bosque Piedra Private Park and the fishing community of Chonchi.

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Muelle de las Almas

Muelle de las Almas or “Pier of Souls” is a wooden pier perched on the cliff edges above the sea, leading nowhere. The work of local artist and sculptor Chumono, Muelle de las Almas plays homage to the legend of the boatman Tempilcahue who takes the soulds of the dead to their final resting place. […]

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Duhatao – Chepu

The Sendero de Chile is a project designed to connect the entire length of Chile through scenic and naturally versatile walking trails. This enchanting trek will take in a small section of the wider trail, beginning at the beautiful Bay of Duhatao. From here, you will walk the twisting coastal cliffs as they merge into […]

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The Sunken Forest & Guabil Beach

Venture to the coastline of Chiloé’s National Park to encounter rugged beaches, winding rivers and a blissful lack of development.

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