Horse Riding

Tierra Chiloé

At Tierra Chiloé, our horses live on property and are often seen grazing on our green fields throughout the day. Saddling up here means exploring our seashores, picturesque farmlands and rolling hills.

Pellul- Quento Beach: discovering local life

This horseback excursion, like the people of Chiloé, depends on the tides as we will either start our journey on the beach or end it there depending on the time of day.

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The Town of San Jose: the land of myths, legends and traditions

Saddling up a at our hotel stables, we will ride into the heart of San Jose, the closest village to the hotel and a great introduction to the surroundings of the Tierra Chiloé.

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We will leave the stables accompanied by our horseman and guide, who know the best parts of the island. We begin our horseback ride on the beach heading towards the village of San Jose, depending on the tides. If we are lucky, we may see dolphins. We pass through fields and farmland and enjoy the […]

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