Scenic Voyages

Tierra Chiloé

There is so much to see on the big island of Chiloé. You can do it by land or by sea, joining us for adventures that take you through dense forests, village markets and tiny forgotten islands in the archipielago.

Bosquepiedra – Land of Murta

Uncover the natural and cultural riches of Chiloé on this full-day visit to the pristine Bosque Piedra Private Park and the fishing community of Chonchi.

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Castro Patrimonial

The beating heart of Chiloé lies in the traditional stilted houses, grand churches and authentic craft markets of Castro, a 16th century former stronghold of Chilean governance, used as an entry point before capturing the island as an extension of the mainland; which we will discover on this tour.

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The Island of Mechuque

Chiloé’s surrounding, smaller islands and islets are a treasure trove of wildlife, cultural heritage and enigmatic scenery simply waiting to be discovered, with the Chauques Isles, in which we find Mechuque, ranking among the most spectacular.

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Route of the Churches

This interesting tour to Quemchi, Aucar Island and three local churches can be done either on foot or by bicycle, the perfect chance to explore the north of the island on two wheels!

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