Special Interests

Tierra Chiloé

Through our special interest activities at Tierra Chiloé, you can meet shipbuilders, visit smaller isolated islands on the archipelago and explore the famous UNESCO churches of the island.

Backyard Pullao

The Humedales Orientales de Chiloé, or ‘Eastern Wetlands of Chiloé,’ are a vital ecosystem and welcome resting place for thousands of migrating shorebirds each year. Our guides will be on hand to ensure you get the most out of this bird watching excursion.

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Duahatao-Chepu: a past of active volcanism

The Sendero de Chile is a project designed to connect the entire length of Chile through scenic and naturally versatile walking trails. This enchanting trek will take in a small section of the wider trail, beginning at the beautiful Bay of Duhatao. From here, you will walk the twisting coastal cliffs as they merge into […]

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Quinchao Island: the true heart of traditional and indigenous Chiloe

We will head toward Achao, the island capital, and walk along its bay until arriving at the church. Depending on the time of year, we will see the work of local artisans.

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Low Tide: Ancestral experience

When the tide, dependent on the moon cycle, is low, this beach offers the experience of collecting many types of seafood, especially clams.

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