Water Activities

Tierra Chiloé

Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, water activities at Tierra Chiloé are a part of almost every excursion we have. Enjoy a day out on our wooden yacht, explore the inland channels by kayak, or stroll along untouched beaches. Here in Chiloé, you’ll discover seaside living at its best.

Pullao Marsh (Kayak): Birdwatching

While many of our excursions can include kayaking as a part of the day, there is also the option jump in the water right outside of the hotel.

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Chelin & Quehui: the heart of the archipelago

Set sail on our very own boat, the Williche, journeying southwest to the islands of Chelin and Quehui on this exciting full-day expedition.

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Chepu: hidden corners

Venture to the coastline of Chiloé’s National Park to encounter rugged beaches, winding rivers and a blissful lack of development.

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Mechuque: the island of stilt homes

Chiloé’s surrounding, smaller islands and islets are a treasure trove of wildlife, cultural heritage and enigmatic scenery simply waiting to be discovered, with the Chauques Isles, in which we find Mechuque, ranking among the most spectacular.

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