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Connecting Paths: Tierra Hotels Excursion Leaders Meeting

The heads of the excursion departments from Tierra Atacama, Tierra Chiloé, and Tierra Patagonia hotels recently gathered to exchange knowledge and define collaborative work methods aimed at optimizing the guest experience during the various excursions offered by Tierra Hotels.

“We had previously had similar meetings that allowed us to improve, and coming together again will help raise standards, standardize knowledge for training, and make our service more efficient on each excursion,” commented Edgardo Songer, manager of Tierra Chiloé, who also has extensive experience in overseeing such activities.

Sharing common challenges and seeking unified solutions was one of the highlighted points by Tomás Larraín, head of guides at Tierra Atacama: “I value meeting colleagues from other hotels, with shared experiences and challenges, to find joint answers,” he said.

Francisco Alarcón, assistant head of guides at Tierra Atacama, emphasized the opportunity to “learn new perspectives from experienced colleagues to provide consistency in the guest experience.”

Tierra Hotels Guide Profile

Regarding the qualities that define guides in this chain, executives highlighted several key aspects:

  • Friendliness in dealing with passengers and team members.
  • Respect and active care for natural heritage and local communities.
  • Knowledge to educate on-site about flora, fauna, and customs.
  • Professionalism to ensure passenger safety.
  • Teamwork and willingness to continuously improve standards.

“We must be outdoor educators, delivering information in an engaging and passionate manner,” emphasized Alarcón.

Knowledge Exchange to Drive Continuous  Improvement

The meeting, which will be repeated periodically, left participants satisfied. “Sharing with colleagues helps us solve problems and improve processes to deliver extraordinary experiences,” concluded Larraín.

For Tierra Hotels, these collaborative activities are very enriching, as we believe that periodically coming together to share perspectives translates into continuous improvement. By learning from different teams and properties about best practices and even current challenges, we can accelerate the exchange of key learnings throughout the organization. Tierra Hotels’ management recognizes the need for constant improvement to elevate service standards and sees these leader meetings as the ideal vehicle to drive it in all operational areas. It is through this open dialogue that the company seeks service excellence in a dynamic collaborative environment.