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9 Reasons to postpone – not cancel – your vacation

Diego Salas

There’s no need mentioning the reasons why we have found ourselves stuck at home, devoid of even the possibility of traveling to other places.  At this point, they exist only in our memories.  Nevertheless, right now we can look towards the future with a bit more clarity and begin to think about what our well-deserved vacations will look like.  For this reason, we would like to share with you 9 reasons why, when possible, you should not cancel your trip with us, but rather postpone for a later date:

1. Local Economy:

When you stay with Tierra Hotels, you’re helping to reactivate the local economy which depends heavily on tourism.  The large majority of our providers and employees live in the areas nearby where each of our hotels are located.

2. Responsible Tourism:

By maintaining your reservation, you’ll be supporting the development of responsible tourism.  From the start, our commitment has always been to protect the environment surrounding our hotels, constantly working to reduce our footprint as much as possible, thanks to some of our efforts such as our sustainable architecture and promoting local projects.

3. Small Businesses

When we go on an excursion with our guests or during transfers, a network of small businesses is activated, as they wait to offer a product or service to tourists who are passing by on their way to enjoy an experience.  What’s more, in our hotels we have a small shop where you can purchase products from local entrepreneurs.

4. People

It’s not just about supporting businesses, it’s about the people.  At Tierra Hotels we have worked to build a team of good people who, during all of these years, have made friendly and gracious connections with each of our guests, and in some cases even creating lasting frienships between them.  You can see this for yourself just by looking at the comments we receive in our guest books, or even on TripAdvisor.

5. Culture and Traditions

By booking a hotel which respects and has connections with the local communities that surround it, you’re helping to keep the culture of these places alive, allowing them to express and share their ancestral wisdom with the people who visit them.  This way, you help them to survive on their own and defend against other industries who could give them other types of jobs, but would have grave consequences on the environment and disrespect for local traditions.

6. Sustainability

Tourism can have a positive impact on the environment.  Choosing services that are commited to conservation when you travel is a great way to contribute to the protection of unique ecosystems.  At Tierra Hotels we have developed a variety of conservation initiatives at each of our destinations.  We invite you to learn more about our environmental conservation work in our Sustainability Report.

7. Nature Renewed

All of the parks, trails, paths and landscapes are more beautiful now than ever before.  The pause provoked by the movement restrictions and border closures has allowed nature to rest, and for plants and animals to return in abundance.  In order to keep them this way, it is fundamental to prefer responsible excursions that protect nature.

8. Available Dates

By reserving now, before the opening dates, you can take advantage of availability during dates that are normally very difficult to book.  This way you can plan, for example, to spend the holidays or New Year in the middle of nature.

9. Special Prices

Right now, to incentivize the reactivation of the tourism sector, Tierra Hotels is offering special prices and total flexibility to change the date of your stay, should you need to.  If you want, you can request a refund with no problem, but we recommend you choose not to cancel and take advantage of the option to delay your vacation, keeping your special rate.

We hope that these reasons help to inform your decision.  You can rest assured that, when the moment comes, we will welcome you and your family with the same care as always while providing everything you need for a safe and comfortable experience that exceeds your expectations so that, when you return home, you take only the most beautiful memories with you.

Want to get in touch?  Write to us at info@tierrahotels.com.  We’ll help you plan your dream vacation!