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Auteur : Macarena García
mars 27, 2020

Weaving a better future

On the small island of Lemuy, in a town called Detif, in the Chiloé archipelago, lives Orieta Caucaman. She is dedicated to collecting the pieces of fishing nets that reach the shores of the beach every day, contaminating it and risking its wildlife. Every day, she picks up different kinds of fishnet fibers. Once the […]

Weaving a better future Sustainability
Auteur : Macarena García
mars 27, 2020

High-altitude Cocktails

The native ingredients of the Atacama Desert – the driest desert in the world – have been utilized for centuries by the local people. Used in different preparations, herbs like rica-rica, pingo-pingo, and copa-copa, provide a multitude of health and wellness benefits. All of these herbs and plants grow in the desert at over 2,200 meters above sea level.

High-altitude Cocktails Bar
Auteur : Diego Salas
mars 27, 2020

Majestic Licancabur

This enormous volcano, sacred to indigenous people, appears on the desert horizon and immediately captivates the attention of those who visit San Pedro de Atacama. It is dormant, but does not appear so. Rising above the high plains, it is part of the Andes Mountain Range and its crater contains the fifth largest lagoon in the world.

Majestic Licancabur Nature
Auteur : Diego Salas
mars 27, 2020

The Biodiversity of Pullao Wetland

The colorful wilderness of the Chiloe Archipelago continuously awes visitors with its amazing landscapes, which, in addition to being beautiful, are home to very interesting and rich ecosystems.

The Biodiversity of Pullao Wetland Nature
Auteur : Diego Salas
mars 27, 2020

Photographing Torres del Paine

Everyone wants to photograph Patagonia’s iconic Torres del Paine. Whether you are going for a professional photo or just a nice memory of your trip, to get the best shot you must be in the right place at the right time. Follow this advice to find the best angle to photograph this natural monument.

Photographing Torres del Paine Nature

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