Photographing Pumas in Torres del Paine

It is not easy to photograph Chile’s largest cat in its natural habitat. However, Roberto Ruiz, excursions guide at Tierra Patagonia, has on several occasions managed to achieve some impressive portraits of this animal.
mai 20, 2020

Diego Salas


The pumas of Patagonia are large animals, but they are very good at keeping themselves hidden. While nature offers many different signs indicating where to spot pumas , if we want to see them, we must have patience, time and quite a bit of luck.

“You never know when and where you might find pumas, because they transverse the entire park,” explains Roberto Ruiz, Tierra Patagonia guide. “It is best to look for them at dawn or dusk, but I think that they can show up at any time.”

On his Instagram account (@nofearwild) Roberto shares his best photos of pumas, some of which have even been featured in the media. “I’m an amateur, but I love it. For me, photography is a hobby that goes perfectly with my work. I enjoy sharing with the rest of the world the wonders that I see in the park and pumas are one of nature’s most impressive.”

“We at Tierra Patagonia have the utmost respect for the wildlife when we go on excursions. We want the animals to be able to move freely throughout their natural habitat,” emphasizes Roberto, who says he’s had the most incredible experiences with guests while on the job. “The best is seeing them smile because they had the best day of their lives.”

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