Unforgettable Adventures in Patagonia

The Torres del Paine are the iconic highlight of this amazing destination at the extreme south of the world. But they’re not the only place of interest to explore and enjoy. Kineret Muñoz, Excursions Coordinator at Tierra Patagonia invites us to dream and discover more of the wonders of this remote and beautiful place in southern Chile.
septembre 23, 2020

Diego Salas

One of the best decisions a nature lover can take, is to decide to discover Chilean Patagonia. Getting to know the famous Torres del Paine up close, or visiting the impressive Grey glacier are experiences which will stay in your mind forever, and become part of a rich life story.

Tierra Patagonia has a highly experienced excursions team, who have prepared a diverse menu of activities that can be safely enjoyed, in this remote area in the southernmost part of the world. Taking into consideration the goals of each individual guest, the team creates itineraries which not only meet expectations, but also surprise and delight.

“We’re all waiting for the park to re-open. We want to get back to connecting with nature” says Kineret Muñoz, Assistant Manager of excursions at Tierra Patagonia, who at the same time assures us that this enforced break has been good for the park trails and the surrounding areas.

“The park is always beautiful, but is even more so now, after this long break. These months without visitors have meant that there has been time to regenerate, something which is important, but for different reasons hasn’t been possible previously” explains Kineret.

“it’s likely that this season we’ll be able to see plant species that, perhaps, previously we wouldn’t have had the opportunity to spot, because of the constant transit of people. All this will change,” she says “the size of excursion groups will be smaller, there will be restrictions on the number of people allowed on the trails, which will not only improve the experience of visitors, but will also be beneficial for the environment”.

“Come and enjoy the wild nature of Patagonia like never before. And inside the hotel, one of the most beautiful in the world (I think!) because of its architecture and setting, the experience will be one of total bliss. The pool, spa treatments, yoga studio and the delicious food will enhance the adventure perfectly” adds Kineret. “We’ll be waiting for you!”.

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