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Yoga in Patagonia

Diego Salas

The yoga studio at Tierra Patagonia hotel features a privileged view of Sarmiento Lake and the natural monument of Torres del Paine. Guests who attend the morning class start their day contemplating the sunrise, while exercising their body and mind in absolute harmony with the pampa and mountains that receive the sun’s first rays at that time of the day.

Yoga is a perfect complementary activity for those who take excursions requiring great physical exertion, such as trekking to the mastiffs’ base.

Asanas and stretching will help prepare the body for exertion or assist in recovery afterwards. Moreover, for people who find peace in this type of exercise, practicing yoga helps them explore their inner worlds, meditate and come in close contact with the impressive natural surroundings.

At sunset, yoga classes are also held in the same studio, located next to the hotel’s indoor pool.

Just as with the natural treatments and massages offered by Uma Spa, guests can reserve private yoga sessions and enjoy a personalized wellness experience at Tierra Patagonia.

“We invite all yoga lovers to experience this magical take on the sport. We have all the required implements. Guests can just show up in comfortable clothing and we will take care of the rest, so their experience is gratifying,” says Carolina Soto, Spa Manager at the Tierra Patagonia hotel.