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High-Altitude Cocktails Inspired by the Atacama Desert

Macarena García

The bar at Tierra Atacama makes the most of these indigenous herbs by creating delicious cocktails for their guests.  Each one of these herbs is prepared according to the local traditions, bringing innovative flavors to the bar menu.

Rica-rica, which grows in abundance in the ravines of the desert, has a minty, refreshing flavor, which pairs well with seasonal fruits and crushed ice, ideal as an aperitif or to accompany an afternoon snack by the pool.

Another preparation features pingo-pingo – an herb which grows between 3100 and 4400 meters above sea level – where its dried stems are used to make a simple syrup.  Mixed with rum, lemon and bitters, this cocktail balances sweetness and acidity, making it the perfect pre-dinner aperitif.

The menu at Tierra Atacama also offers a cocktail using copa-copa, a bush that grows in the high altiplanic plains.  In addition to its medicinal properties, this plant is known among the indigenous communities for stimulating dream-like experiences.  At the bar, it is prepared with tequila, absinthe, and orange juice, ideal for enjoying after a meal and right before going to bed.