Our Excursions

At Tierra Hotels, our  excursions are led by qualified guides with extensive experience in order for you to get to know our three beautiful destinations during your time with us. You can experience everything from adrenaline packed hikes, to out-of-the-way scenic tours, bike rides and horseback riding. Our excursions are divided into three levels including: easy, medium and high, so there is an excursion for every type of traveler that visits us.

Excursions are booked on property, giving our team a chance to meet you and help you find the best activities to experience during your stay. Have fun exploring here and we look forward to seeing you on excursions in person soon!


Biking is a great way explore our destinations for our guests looking to get up close and personal with the landscapes and move a little faster. We have self-guided biking routes as well as routes where our guides lead the way.

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Our hiking excursions at Tierra Hotels are designed for all levels and are some of the best ways to explore our three beautiful destinations.

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Horseback Riding

Our horseback rides at Tierra Hotels allow guests to delve into our destinations in a way that is both spiritual and respectful to nature, while reaching areas that are otherwise rarely explored.

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Scenic Voyages

Our scenic tours offer our guests excursions that are a nice balance between interesting tours and easier shorter walks where you can see the best viewpoints of our destinations. These activities are great for photography, birdwatching and making the most out of shorter stays.

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Special Interests

At Tierra Hotels, we offer a range of activities for travelers looking to get a bit deeper into their adventure at our destinations, from fly fishing in Patagonia, visiting the shipbuilders in Chiloé and moonwalks in Atacama.

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Water Activities

Our destinations are not just places to explore by land, at Tierra Hotels, we have a variety of water-based excursions where you can find yourself kayaking on glacier lakes or relaxing in warm desert hot springs.

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