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Horseback Riding

From the Atacama Desert to Patagonia, our horseback rides at Tierra Hotels allow guests to delve into each destination. By exploring on horseback, you can reach areas that are otherwise rarely explored. We have our own horses and also work with trusted partners to ensure that they are healthy, happy and safe to ride. Each hotel offers a variety of different trails for each experience level.  You’ll feel comfortable whether you’re trotting along the coast of Chiloé or galloping through the pampas in Patagonia. Of course, our experienced guides will be with you along the way. Saddle up and enjoy the exhilarating rides through stunning Chilean scenery.

Horse Riding Atacama

We have a selection of great horseback rides at Tierra Atacama. Working with a trusted local provider, as a part of our sustainable practices, our horses are Chilean with western-like saddles and mounted in the hotel grounds.

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Horse Riding Chiloé

At Tierra Chiloé, our horses live on property and are often seen grazing on our green fields throughout the day. Saddling up here means exploring our seashores, picturesque farmlands and rolling hills.

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Horse Riding Patagonia

If you love nature and horse riding – or you’ve always wanted to try – there’s no better place to do it than Patagonia. Whatever your level, make like a true Baquenano yourself, saddle up with the traditional Chilean gear and head off into the pampas on horseback.

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